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Calling all S5 girls who know they can change the world. And just as importantly, those who don't. Calling all S5 girls who know they can change the world. And just as importantly, those who don't.
Location Edinburgh
Date Sept 22nd 2017

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A one day conference to shape the future of finance

Investment has the power to change the world around us for the better. But for the huge variety of roles available in the industry, there’s not a huge variety of people.

FUTURE AS5ET was a one-day conference for S5 girls across Scotland, aiming to underline the fact that gender should never be seen as a barrier to progressing in whatever career you choose.

S5 girls who attended demonstrated potential with interpersonal skills, thinking outside the box, resilience, problem solving and inquiry skills.

There were talks, workshops and interactive experiences with successful women from a range of careers and professions. We aimed to dispel the myths surrounding the finance industry, and outline the rewarding opportunities that exist for women to shape a better world of finance.

“I couldn’t really think of a better way to engage young women”

To read a summary of all the fantastic feedback we received from teachers and pupils on the day, please click here.

Our Young Scot Young Reporter competition winner, Mairéad Reid, shares a summary of her experience from behind the scenes at Future AS5ET, meeting and interviewing the First Minister and Jayne-Anne Gadhia – you can read her article here.

How will we find the answers our economy needs if we keep asking the same questions? The key to solving economic problems isn't being a maths genius. It's curiosity.
If half of our population is female how come just a fraction have jobs in positions of authority? Only 10% of fund managers are female. The opportunity is huge, and the rewards are great.

Keynote speakers and discussion panel members were drawn from outwith the financial services sector; drawing from their own personal experiences, emphasising that gender should never be seen as a barrier to progression in whatever career they choose.

Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland

Nicola Sturgeon

First Minister of Scotland

The Future AS5ET team are thrilled to reveal that the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, will be joining us at Future AS5ET on 22nd September as our keynote speaker.

The First Minister will be discussing her vision for young women in 2017 embarking on the world of work, before taking part in a Q&A.

Hear what the First Minister thinks about the media representation of women in politics and business today, challenges she has had to overcome in her own career and tips she has for our next generation of female leaders.

Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland

Jayne-Anne Gadhia BA, FCA, FCIBS

Chief Executive Officer, Virgin Money

Author of ‘Empowering Productivity – Harnessing the Talents of Women in Financial Services’ Report

A Chartered Accountant, Jayne-Anne spent six years at Norwich Union (now Aviva) before becoming one of the founders of Virgin Direct in 1995. In 1998 she set up the Virgin One account which was acquired by the Royal Bank of Scotland in 2001. After five years at RBS as part of the Retail Executive Committee, she returned to Virgin as the CEO of Virgin Money. In 2012 Virgin Money acquired Northern Rock and, in 2014, successfully listed on the London Stock Exchange.

A vocal supporter of businesses’ responsibility to make a positive contribution to society, Jayne-Anne is a trustee of Business in the Community. In November 2016 Jayne-Anne was announced as the government’s Women in Finance Champion.

Married with one teenage daughter, Jayne-Anne lives in Edinburgh.

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Jayne-Anne Gadhia

Merryn Somerset Webb is the Editor in chief of MoneyWeek, writes for the Financial Times, the Sunday Post and Saga Magazine and is a radio and television commentator on financial matters. Merryn shares some of her experiences of working in a male dominated world and some tips for young women launching themselves into a career.

Our location

Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC)

The Exchange Edinburgh, 150 Morrison St, Edinburgh EH3 8EE

The exterior of the EICC

Travelling and accommodation

Generous contributions toward travel for all schools and overnight accommodation expenses for those travelling over 70 miles to the event was provided.

Thanks to our amazing partner

Without whom this conference wouldn’t be possible